Why the world economy needs the creation of startups


At this point it is not unreasonable to say that the economic crisis has revolutionized the economic and business landscape. Perhaps that is why we are not surprised that many sectors have been forced to reinvent their business vision, or stop pursuing their business idea and hope to grow with new ideas and newer models. Technological advances and digital growth have been an extraordinary quality feed to exploit growth in new ways.

New habits have been put in the spotlight and the needs of today’s society are becoming more complex and digital every day; Who gives them an answer? The phenomenon dubbed “the awakening of the economy via Startups” is a reality and, moreover, it is positive.


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Creation of startups; the more the merrier

There is a nucleus of people who have bet on innovating and betting on daring and original ideas in which perhaps no one else believes. Most people would never have bet on these ideas and it turns out that, in the end, in general terms they end up being very successful, and most importantly, they create new jobs and help improve the global economy .

The entrepreneurs , the necessary specimen blinded by an idea, many of them with technological knowledge, they forget what preset and opt for a more open vision and a fixed premise; confidence in what is done. These are the entrepreneurs who through Startups make sure that the economic bubble does not deflate , and there is always encouragement to be able to say that the recovery is coming.

For this reason, it is very important that more and more enterprising people exist, wanting to change the paradigms and methods from which it is so difficult for us to get out. Leave the corporate culture that has reigned in the last century and jump into the void; with faith that if you work, the fruits always come, and relying on similar people who trust their innovative projects and ideas.

These people must be helped, always made to feel motivated to keep going and not be defeated at the first obstacle in a career; a race that has always been famous for having a few heart-stopping ups and downs. We are not facing a new paradigm, starting a business has always been synonymous with problems. What changes is the way things can be done now; the platforms, the distribution, the opportunities to create an idea in a successful business.

Support for entrepreneurs; basis to ensure more chances of success

Many are the experts in economics who recommend and warn of the importance of creating new startups . The current problem is that it is not possible to make the bureaucratic and economic difficulty disappear, or at least soften, to be able to undertake with all the guarantees and monetary support. The massive creation of new Startups would suppose a new business and economic ecosystem capable of improving the existing one until now.

Many are the entrepreneurs who leave daily, unfortunately due to lack of confidence or lack of funds. Entrepreneurship is not a bed of roses and the most complicated part that remains to be overcome is the help they receive to carry out their plans .

Public administrations do not provide what would be ideal to promote the execution of new ideas, to create Startups and new business models. The support from the administrations with the aim of generating a structural change should be a priority to lift a sunken economy. Reforms capable of transforming all areas are needed; especially in aid , financial support , tax incentives and all kinds of supports that can serve as May water for those entrepreneurs who want to bet on ideas through Startups.

What solutions are there to change the situation and improve it?

There are many ways to improve the system, either by hitting the key to encourage more efficient productivity, or by betting more and giving confidence from public administrations to entrepreneurs. The first handicap that appears along the way is that some of the ideas may not be feasible today, however, you can make a bet and study for the sectors in which it is more feasible to grow quickly and safely ( This does not mean that other sectors are not, but with the data in hand, there is a correlation of sectors that are growing faster than others). Betting on the safe side, as are the emerging sectors in the most advanced technologies such as ICT , is undoubtedly a good choice, although it should be noted that all sectors enrich each other for what should be a common effort.

The example of success of some markets that are on the rise, such as Fintech , is a good opportunity to create confidence in other sectors and encourage other areas to undertake.

Communication plays a very important role in this game; If the objective is to create and consolidate companies , a means of communication must be used so that the message reaches massively and, in addition, ensure that all the opportunities that exist to undertake are known.

Creating a new business ecosystem is also an option to improve productivity and growth of the economy. This ecosystem should be set as the number one objective the creation of leading companies in technology worldwide. To do this, a series of guidelines or actions to be carried out should be followed, such as these:

  • Curbing the migratory phenomenon of young prepared people, who, due to lack of opportunities, end up leaving Spain to try their luck.
  • Promote the creation of business groups in sectors such as technology, so that they can be consolidated more easily and help create this new ecosystem.
  • A revolution in the fiscal brakes that exist today can be very helpful so that Startups can take off in an easier way.

The weight of startups in the world economy

As we have already said before, Startups play a very important role in the growth of the economy, because what seemed unthinkable before is now real, is happening. If before it was all very predictable, today everything is in such a constant evolution that it is difficult to keep up to date with everything. What a few years ago was worth to be considered as innovation, now few advances pleasantly surprise us.

Startups have the potential for many sectors to grow, and in this way, the economy can improve . Now a higher level of productivity and added value in companies must be considered, through creativity and innovation, which are two of the most important pillars for the success of an entrepreneur.

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Why the world economy needs the creation of startups - R059 Marketing strategies for Startups blog

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