Startup: White Libra, first round of financing concluded, 1.2 million euros raised+


Milan, 3 Nov. (Adnkronos / Labitalia) – White Libra, a startup for work innovation, announces that it has successfully closed its first round of financing, raising almost 1.2 million euros. Among the investors Intesa Sanpaolo and Invitalia stand out. In particular, Intesa Sanpaolo provided a convertible loan and Invitalia a subsidized loan, accompanied by a management tutoring service.

‘We are delighted to have successfully closed this early-stage round that will allow us to accelerate our growth by investing in the Digital Work City platform in technology and services. We are comforted by the constant growth of registered users and we are proud that our business model has attracted such qualified investors ”, commented Nicolò Boggian, founder and CEO of White Libra.


Digital Work City (https://digitalworkcity.com/it/) redesigns the paradigm of work in Italy, reconciling the needs of companies and workers, who can take advantage of a digital tool to increase productivity, while at the same time managing to restore balance between work and family, as well as between generations and between genders for everything concerning employment and pay.

The system allows people to manage their time independently, working simultaneously on different tasks and for more than one employer, choosing from various opportunities. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the platform also selects the projects most in line with the interests and objectives of the user’s professional growth.

Backed by a platform contract signed by Confcommercio and Manageritalia and by an infrastructure of services and training provided by qualified third parties, Digital Work City represents a concrete opportunity for workers and businesses.

‘In my long experience as a manager and CEO, I have always found that people make the difference. Finding the right balance between procedures, organization and empowerment of people is complicated, but new technologies are opening up opportunities for innovation and development in the organization of work. On this basis, Italian companies, which are second to none in terms of creativity and ingenuity, can build a competitive lever to continue to excel on global markets’, commented Vladimiro Carminati, country Italy director of De’Longhi appliances and private investor in White Libra, about the Digital Work City platform.

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