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How to Gain Followers on Instagram

Define goals There are many ways to get followers on Instagram, some are quick and easy, and others require a little effort, but they guarantee you success in your goal: increase the number of followers. And it is that having many followers on Instagram currently means, not only a huge number of people who are going to see your photos and videos, but also a possibility to sell your products. We invite you to know a little about Instagram, let’s see: Instagram history until today. Now that you know what Instagram is, can you imagine the benefits of spreading something, completely free of charge, for thousands or even millions of people? Many Instagramers know what it is. And if you also want to know the feeling of having millions of people following your publications, pay close attention to this article. How to gain followers on Instagram Is it difficult for you to gain followers on Instagram? If the answer is yes, do not worry, then we will tell you what are the strategies that we use to increase the number of followers is this social network. Let’s see: How to increase my sales with Content Marketing # 1 Define a clear strategy for Instagram. Interacting without any clear objective on Instagram, as in any social network, can lead to a low return on investment and a waste of resources. That is why you must have a digital marketing strategy  with which you can attract and attract new quality followers for your business. Whether you’re just starting out, or adjusting your efforts for Instagram, there are three elements that will help you design a strategy that will allow you to gain thousands of followers: Analyze the competition If you analyze the competition you will be able to know what type of content is the one that works in your niche or business, how often you should publish, what is the correct way to interact with your potential audience and what a real group of followers for companies looks like who are in the sector where you operate. Decide what story to tell Like all companies, you too have a story to tell, take advantage of Instagram to do it. Use a compelling narrative in your content , this will give it a sense of purpose, which will also inspire your followers to recommend you, word of mouth, in your current community. In this way you will make your Instagram account more attractive to new followers. Satisfy the curiosity of your followers by showing them how your product is made. You can also position your brand in an inspiring way, showing the achievements or lifestyle of your customers. Remember, you should not limit your strategy only to Instagram, most of the successful brands tell their stories in different ways and through different social networks. Define goals Set goals that fit with your overall marketing and business strategy – whether it’s driving traffic to your website, increasing the number of leads , brand awareness, or supporting the goals of a broader marketing campaign. # 2 Interact with unknown profiles It may seem strange to you, but it is not, if you start leaving comments and liking photos of users related to your sector or tastes, the most likely thing is that you will have an equally positive response or perhaps much better. Now, this strategy is effective if you do it on profiles that do not have hundreds or thousands of followers. why? When one of these users uploads a photo, they almost immediately get so many likes that it will be practically impossible for them to see yours and you will go unnoticed. So what can you do? Ideally, you should make comments and like accounts that do not have many followers, but that are close to the profile of your buyer persona . This way you will have more chances that your actions are much more visible and that they return that positive interaction that you want so much. # 3 Use Hashtag Another way to increase your chances of getting followers on Instagram is to use the most searched Hashtags. So that you know which are the most searched hashtags you can use the Webstagram tool . With it, you can also find out the most followed Instagram profiles or even know which were the most popular posts of the previous week, etc. Another thing you can do to gain followers on Instagram is to monitor a hashtag in your niche or business, so you can find your target audience. If you do this daily, you will not only know the trends within your industry, you will also discover which people want to hear from you and if they follow you on Instagram. So, if you’re a sports store, for example, you might want to follow these hashtags closely: hashtags gain followers on Instagram Now, if you find content that grabs your attention, look for more information on that user’s profile to see if it’s worth “following”. If they have interests in common, the most likely thing is that that user will also follow you. But you can still go further, leave a positive comment on that post. Make sure your comment is about the photo – and not about you. (If the user wants to know about you, they will look for your profile). Remember, a comment about a common interest can be enough for the user to follow you. You can repeat this method whenever possible. Another option, to gain followers on instagram, is to use hashtags to monitor user-generated content. You may be surprised to know that there are users who post content about your business, your products or services, but that’s the way it is! And the best thing is that these users will be delighted that you share their photos with your followers … as long as I kindly requested their authorization. Users are flattered if a brand thinks its photo is worthy of being shared with more people. And, they are more likely to follow you to see your photo on your account. They are even likely to share your account with their followers. # 4 Make a promotion or contest Running a contest or launching a promotion is one of the most effective strategies when it comes to gaining new followers on Instagram. To do this, you can use an application, otherwise you may run the risk of generating problems for your audience … A good application to do this is Statigram . You just have to define how the promotion will be, the date and the duration. The application also gives you access to all the statistics. You can also gain followers on Instagram, if you associate with another brand, which is in the same market or business niche, to run a contest, the condition to participate must be to follow both accounts. For example, if you are a store that sells sporting goods, you can partner with another that also sells these types of products. Promotion gain followers on Instagram This method is a win-win, but smaller brands can benefit more. In this example, Touchespork has more than 37,000 followers and Peaksportarg has more than 7,225 followers. A contest can help them have more targeted followers, because both brands are in the sports apparel and accessories industry. # 5 Post regularly on Instagram.  It may seem obvious to you, but we cannot skip this step. Even if you have a very charming Instagram account, leave a lot of comments and offer many prizes, it is very important that the value of your brand is reflected in your account. To achieve this, you must have a good content marketing strategy , which includes posting photos and videos frequently. Make sure to include hashtags relevant to your industry (like #argentinasportfactory, for example). This makes it easier for users to find you, as they share a common interest. # 6 Use other social media Undoubtedly, you or your company have accounts on other social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or even WhatsApp. You can use these channels to attract new followers on Instagram. How? There are two ways. One of them is the most common: asking your fans or followers to follow you on Instagram. Send them a message, by email, where you invite them to follow you. Tools such as Constant, Contact  and  Mailchimp  can help you with this task since they are linked to the social network, so you can clearly show what your Instagram account is like. Another way is to share the content you post on Instagram, on other social media. Obviously, this last option attracts a smaller number of followers, but it is useful to break the routine. # 7 Republic interesting content Maybe you’ve already retweeted or republished a post that you liked on Facebook, right? On Instagram, doing this is not so simple, but it can be done. To do this you can use the Repost application . After installing the application, just search for interesting content on Instagram and post it again, only this time… on your account! Obviously, credit is always given to the person who initially shared. When you share content that you find interesting also increases your chances of getting more followers on Instagram. # 8 Don’t buy followers! I recommend that you do not buy followers! What good is having a brand with millions of followers on Instagram, if they don’t buy your products later? Buying followers will only do you one thing: boost your ego. As you can see, there are many methods to gain followers on Instagram. However, in the end, it is you who decides which method to use. Remember that this goes beyond social media and, at the end of the day, you just want to see results in your business. If you are the owner of a sporting goods store (or any business of your own), which sentence do you like best? “Thanks to my followers, I am the best sporting goods store on Instagram” or “Thanks to my followers, I am the best store in Argentina.” The answer you choose depends on the strategy you are going to implement. Now, for you to understand the benefits of having many followers on Instagram, we will see some success stories of companies that used this social network to advertise, increase their sales and gain more followers. Success stories 1 # Everything on the Grill Gain followers on Instagram Success stories Todo al Grill is a platform that offers online courses. To publicize its products, the brand created short videos that very visually communicate the content they offer. In this way, they also took the opportunity to transmit the quality of their videos since the courses they offer are in this format. With this strategy, the company was able to attract those passionate about meat, BBQ, grill and cooking in general in Mexico and the Spanish-speaking public in the United States. His campaign is permanent. Likewise, they use sponsored videos to increase their sales conversions, the images in the profile serve to generate expectation about the courses, and the Stories with links use it to generate leads . With the help of Instagram and its tools, Todo Grill achieved 5X return on investment. Also, he managed to gain thousands of new followers and possible leads on the platform. According to the owner of the brand, 10% of the company’s total sales comes from Instagram. 2 # L’ORÉAL L’Oréal, a company dedicated to the production of beauty articles, used Instagram to connect with a millennial audience, and publicize its new product Fructis by Garnier. To do this, she used the new Canvas for Instagram Stories, creating an immersive experience that also inspired her audience to take action. With a segmentation strategy, aimed at men and women between 18 and 34 years old in Argentina, L’Oréal managed to capture the attention with enveloping ads in full screen where they showed a spectacular hair of a woman and invited through text to slide the finger by the announcement to learn more about how to have a #SuperPelo with Fructis. L’Oréal made a large investment in Instagram Stories, proving the effectiveness of the tool to move brand metrics; consideration and purchase intention. In addition, the company developed its campaign on Facebook, however, thanks to Instagram it was able to obtain 5.5 points of increase in brand recognition, 9.6 points of increase in purchase intention. And 7.7 points of increase in ad recall 3 # Brahma Brahma is a Brazilian beer that is characterized by having a rich flavor, with a soft and refreshing body. It is one of the most popular beers in the world, it has a presence in more than 30 countries. To attract the attention of a young audience, men and women between 18 and 34 years old, Brahma in collaboration with the Santos and Mutato agencies, and the Creative Shop team, developed different Ads on Instagram Stories, in order to convey the message brand and provoke action at the same time. Through an investigation into the way in which its target audience consumes video on Instagram, photos already produced by the brand previously were adapted to generate funny short videos in vertical format and with GIF effect for Stories; They thus took advantage of the full screen of the Smartphone so that people could devote their full attention to the advertisement. All the photos highlighted the product from the beginning, and conveyed the key message of the campaign “A touch of joda is important”, different friends could be seen having fun with a Brahma beer, positioning the brand as an advocate and facilitator of these moments of “fuck”.
Brahma – A touch of joda is important The Stories were made to be understood perfectly without sound, due to the use of subtitles, but they invited a better experience if they are reproduced with it. The campaign was developed on Facebook and Instagram, but 32% of the investment was made in Stories, demonstrating the effectiveness and scope of this format. Considering both platforms, Brahma managed to reach 12.7 M people, and an increase of 13.5 points in the memory of the ad and 9.7 in the purchase consideration. 4 # Victoria beer Gain followers on Instagram Success stories Cerveza Victoria used the Canvas tool within Instagram Stories to connect with its audience, focusing on an attractive topic for young people, tattoos. This format allowed the brand to create an immersive experience, and inspire action. To reach their consumers, they targeted their ad to men and women in Mexico over 18 years of age. The Storie inspired the participants with colors, sounds, and the text: “We put the ink, you put the canvas” to swipe up and know: who were the tattooists, what were the designs that were available, and how to be the winner of one of 15 tattoos available. At Estudio Victoria we put the ink and you put the canvas. After 3 weeks of sharing this ad on Instagram Stories, they obtained excellent results, achieving 11 points of increase in ad recall and 8 points in purchase intention. 5 Gillete To fully experience the immersive experience that Stories give, by occupying the entire screen, Gillette launched a campaign aimed at male audiences between 18 and 24 years old in Argentina, Peru and Colombia. The company developed a strategy in which the vertical video screen was divided into three equal parts. At the top, they placed a static image and the slogan “Not all are equal.” On the left side they showed an image of a disposable 3 blade razor and the right side versus Gillette’s Mach 3 turbo. In the middle of the story you could see the difference in shaving time from one razor to another, leaving a close and irritation-free cut when using the Mach3 turbo. Finally, in the lower part the name of the product remained during the 10 seconds of the video in order to increase its recognition. During the two weeks that this campaign was launched, they managed to reach more than 900,000 people, in turn, the brand obtained 18 points in the recall of the ad and 5 points of increase in the purchase attempt. conclusion On social media, in general, you can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. However, this can change if you try to create content that attracts attention, moves a lot of people to action, and that will stick with your brand forever. Instagram is an extraordinary place for your brand. Anyone who finds and adopts the right combination of strategy and effort can earn a lot on this platform. Yes, it can be difficult to build a following. But is there a way to gain a lot of specific followers? Absolutely. With the methods we gave you, in this article, you can gain many followers on Instagram. These users are going to interact with your content and not only that, they will spread the word, and one of the best parts about it is that these followers are loyal. As long as you provide valuable content, your followers will continue to grow. You won’t have to follow other users so aggressively. Instead, people will start flocking to you. At that point, all your hard work will be paying off, and you’ll be on the right path to becoming a powerful Instagram influencer. Are you using Instagram as part of your digital marketing strategy? What are some of the tactics that are working for you? Let us know.

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How to Create Account in EXMO step by step

In this article you will learn how to register in EXMO in 2022, as you well know it is a cryptocurrency platform to trade, as well as buy and sell digital currencies. Next, we are going to make you a quick and easy guide to create your account.

How to open an account in step by step

Access the official website of EXMO to be able to register for free.

Select “Registration”

At the top right you will have a Registration button, click on it and there you will open a form to place basic data such as username, email, telephone, password and its confirmation, as well as the acceptance of terms and conditions of the platform.

Likewise, if you want you can subscribe to receive news you just have to activate the option. then activate the captcha and click on “Registration”

Phone and email verification

They will send you an SMS to the registered phone to place the verification code and give it confirmation. The same will happen with the email, in which they will send you an email with a link to confirm the account and activate it.

Account Verification

Once you have completed all the registration, you must verify your account, this is quite important that you do it so that you do not have limitations, it is a financial platform and as such, by regulation you must verify your identity and address.

  • For identity, you can do it through your ID, passport or other identity document, also a selfie with the document, you can support yourself by linking the mobile if you do not have a webcam.
  • In the case of the address, it would be verified with a bill for services such as electricity, water or other document where they can verify your location or residence, this is to raise the limits further.
  • For the card, you need to enter your card details and even take a photo and attach it.

Ideally, you should verify everything, but the first thing is the identity, in which you will be required name, surname, middle name in the case you have. Secondly, you will be asked to identify what type of document you are going to use to identify yourself, for example, the DNI.

After that, you must upload a photo of the front and back of the identity document, if you do not have them at hand, you can do it with your mobile and send it to you by mail or web whapsapp or another application, and then upload it from the computer.

Once this is done, it will request a selfie with specific details, where you must write down on a paper the word EXMO, followed by the date of the day of the photo and hold the DNI without covering anything, there you capture the photo and attach it, with these steps you will already be in the process of verifying the identity.

Likewise, you can do it to verify the address with a receipt and in the case of the card you must do the same, they are similar processes quite simple, the idea is that you complete the entire registration process.


Another important point regarding registration is the security configuration in which you can add extra protection and have two-step authentication. Likewise, you can observe other options such as personal information, which you can review carefully.

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How to create an account on Poloniex step by step

In this article you will learn how to register with Poloniex in 2022, it is a cryptocurrency trading platform, where you can trade with margin or leverage and you can also do hodl. Here’s a step-by-step way to create an account on Poloniex.

Go to the official website of Poloniex

Access the Poloniex registration page to later follow the step by step that we will give you to register for free.

Select “Sing Up”

Once you are on the platform you must select in the left menu “Sing Up”, where you must enter the email and password, the latter you must confirm it. Additionally, you must place the referral code (optional), as well as accept the terms and policies that govern this page.

Verify your email

Once the previous form has been completed, you must check the email where a link will be sent for the purposes of verifying the email, in order to continue with the account registration process.

Account access

With the email and password data entered, we select “Log In” and access. Among the important things that there are is the “profile”, where you will have to verify your account.

If you want to apply margin for trading or leverage you must verify your profile in “Upgrade” you will be able to select other aspects that will help you verify your identity, you will probably be asked to upload a file, such as a photo of the DNI or an invoice to verify the address.

Then, in the event that you want to use the future option that allows margin up to one hundred leverage, you have to have verified these things.

This request is totally normal, since it is required by all financial platforms by legal issue, with this you would already have verified level 2 and with it you would not have any type of limit.

Right now, you could make all kinds of deposits, normal purchases with certain fairly high limits.

Two-factor authentication verification

To protect your account you can activate 2FA this is double authentication code, so you must enter a code apart from the password to be able to log in.

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies on Skrill

If you are one of those investors who do not like to deal with many complicated orders, but prefer to hold long-term, then Skrill is an excellent alternative for you. With the simplicity that characterizes it.

But the question is, how to invest in cryptocurrencies within Skrill? The answer will be shown in this article.

But first log in to your Skrill account, then you could already start the step by step that will be shown below.

Access Skrill’s Cryptocurrency Investment Options

Like any financial platform, Skrill puts at your disposal tools so that you can invest in cryptocurrencies within yourself, doing so in a simple and comfortable way. To access these tools, below, we will describe the following procedure:

  1. Within the home screen of your account, in the left sidebar, find and tap on Cryptocurrencies.

Important: It is likely that when you enter this section, you will be asked to accept some terms or similar.

  1. Once there, you are presented with different options in terms of cryptocurrencies. From among these, you will select Invest now, clicking on this option.

  1. Once you access that section, you will be shown an extensive list of existing cryptos in Skrill. In each of which, you are given a Trade option. If you click on any of these, you would enter their trading options.

  1. When you have entered the crypto you chose, you will see a Buy – Sell panel.

Ways to trade cryptocurrencies in

In this buy-sell panel or trading box, you will have some options that will allow you to perform these operations:

Steps to buy cryptocurrencies within Skrill

First of all, talking about the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the Instant mode (which is the usual one), you will be able to do the following:

  • Select the currency in which you want to buy cryptos.

  • Set the amount to spend that, for its purposes, must be a minimum of 10 EUR (You are also shown the balance you have available).

  • Select the cryptocurrency in which you are going to invest.

  • See what you are going to receive in cryptos in equivalence for what you have invested.

  • See the commission you will be charged for that transaction.

When you have everything ready, then you can click Next.

After this, you will be able to see the summary of the entire operation; you will be told everything you have added, such as the amount and what you would receive, and also the commission charge, which will be added to the total amount to be spent. If you agree with everything, you can click on Confirm.

Steps to Sell Cryptocurrencies within Skrill

There is not much to comment on in the case of selling your cryptos within Skrill, as they are basically the same steps as in the case of the purchase:

  • You establish the type of crypto that you are going to sell (and that logically, you should own).

  • You indicate the amount of cryptocurrencies to sell directly or, if you prefer, using the percentage indicators.

  • Select the currency in which you want to receive the funds in equivalence.

  • See how much you will receive, in the same way as the previous case.

Having this ready too, you would click Next.

Following this, you must also click on Confirm in a summary similar to that of the case of the purchase, where you will see important data with which, if you agree, you can proceed to the respective confirmation.

Some other options that Skrill gives you to trade

The options you have in Skrill to trade are very practical and easy to use. And for your convenience, they are not numerous. Here’s what you can find on Skrill for when you want to trade on it:

The Portfolio section

In this section you have at hand some useful things for your negotiations, such as:

  • The Watchlist, with which you can keep abreast of the indices of your cryptos in the market.

  • Alerts and orders. With these options you are given the possibility to mark an index within the cryptocurrency, which, if the price reaches it, this will be notified to your email or mobile, as you have it configured.

  • Recent activity. It is the section where you will get your last financial movements, when it comes to purchases and sales, as is logical.

The Trade section

Within this section, you can do what you are told below:

  • Visualization of Graphs. This will allow you to take a look at the stock market movement in a not at all complex interface (you can also see the current trend that the market has in terms of sellers and buyers).

As you can see, the trading system within Skrill is not complicated. They are few and simple options, but with the same utility for people like you who do not want to get too entangled in the stock market issue, but to play it safe, but in a simple way.

This tutorial summarizes it this way so that you have a general idea when investing in cryptocurrencies within Skrill.

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