French startup Datategy presents its new AI platform: papAI


The French start-up in the field of artificial intelligence is launching the papAI platform which encompasses the entire process of implementing an artificial intelligence or machine learning application.

Mehdi Chouiten likes to go directly into the heart of the subjects: ” I’m clear, the platform is not yet another database management system or a spreadsheet or a simple data visualization tool and we are not there. to replace existing tools in companies ”. He then defines papAI as a scalable data integration platform that brings together a set of artificial intelligence algorithms to perform all operations from data preparation to deployment to analysis for prototyping on “Fast data” or data for applications requiring frequent data refreshes for real-time uses.


Built in the form of micro-services, the platform is presented as a set of containers which contain modules integrating all types of data including the ideo, a differentiator of the Datategy offer. It aims to be collaborative and allows exchanges between the stakeholders of the IA project regardless of its technical level.

In the cloud or on premise

The solution can be deployed in the Cloud (OVH, OBS) or on site. The company also plans to develop a model marketplace to further simplify the use of the platform.

PapAI contains connectors and APIs to integrate the different data flows into its platform where the data is transformed for analysis purposes on a Spark engine. The solution also makes it possible to explain all the analysis operations and thus avoids the “black box” side of certain solutions on the market.

Mehdi Chouiten, CEO and co-founder of Datategy.

Originally, the company specialized in artificial intelligence applications in the transport sector. It has now extended its activity to all sectors with strong possibilities for customizing scripts and models. The solution is suitable for applications on time series or clustering, regression or classification analyzes.

The interface is neat and the user can work in drag and drop to create their models without having to code. The 4 years of R&D required to create the platform have been well spent. Created in 2016, the company received funding of € 2.5 million, which values ​​the company at € 10 million. It employs 35 people in 3 locations (Neuilly, USA, Middle East). It is developing internationally with the help of partners such as OBS (Orange Business Services) or major clients such as Suez. Datategy is part of the OBS Cloud Starter program. Keolis, SNCF, Société Générale, Natixis, Airbus or Infogreffe are customers of the company. It now claims more than 1000 users.

Support from large companies

On analysis, the solution is interesting because it occupies a different space from the suites of competitors by its rapidity of prototyping to verify intuitions or perform simulations while allowing precise real-time analyzes as shown by the use cases of the solution. . The solution also benefits from the broad support of an ecosystem of large French companies, which will help it move on to the next stages of its development.

PapAI also provides visibility into the operations leading to the results of the analysis, making it possible to ensure the accuracy of the analyzes and to explain the use of certain data and the choices made by analysts. To be continued in the coming months, but the roadmap deserves to be more precise to assure new customers of the development of the platform.

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