Facebook and Luxottica: pact for smart glasses. The first will be Ray-Ban


We were talking about it last year. The agreement between the two giants is expected to bring the first devices to market in 2021

For years smart glasses have been the object of desire of several tech multinationals. In 2013 it was discussed after Google showed the world its Google Glass Explorer Edition, a wearable device given for imminently on the market. Many years have passed and several projects have failed. Now, however, it is the world leader Luxottica to take part in the business: in recent hours an agreement has been announced between the multinational founded in Agordo, in the province of Belluno, and Facebook. Already last year, CNBC announced that the two players were working to put smart glasses on the market. Now is confirmation that the Menlo Park giant and the company founded by Leonardo Del Vecchio will launch a Ray-Ban line from 2021


We found an equally ambitious partner in EssilorLuxottica that will provide its expertise and portfolio of top brands to make the first smart glasses really fashionable,” said Andrew Bosworth, vice president of Facebook Reality Labs. As the social networking giant’s project is to offer augmented reality-enhanced smart glasses, according to The Verge. Facebook’s Aria Project will then be tested in the coming months to understand how technology applied to glasses can help people in everyday life

There are no cost assumptions of the smart glasses of FB and Luxottica, but the commitment of two leading companies in the respective sectors behind this wearable device – technology on the one hand and glasses on the other – suggests that, after so many projects announced, perhaps the good time has come for smart glasses too.

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