eFounders launches a new promo of startups focused on the work of tomorrow


To design its new promotion, the startup studio eFounders focused on new uses at work, which were amplified with the health crisis. The solutions selected promote remote collaboration or meet sectoral needs.

Many productivity tools have emerged as a result of the massive adoption of telework since the start of the year, in response to the health crisis. eFounders has decided to position itself in a promising niche with its new batch of startups, eF20. “Each of the companies created this year addresses a specific problem, but shares the same DNA: helping employees adapt to new ways of working” , explains to Maddyness Thibaud Elziere, co-founder of the startup studio, specifying that the first version of the products will be released in early 2021.


Canyon, the collaborative legal platform
eFounders designed Canyon to address the legal issues facing businesses. Adrien van den Branden and Thomas Vanderstraeten have been selected as co-founders of this LegalTech – the second created by the startup studio, after Equify in 2018 -, whose collaborative platform will allow lawyers and legal teams to upload emails, Word and PDF documents. in common. While innovation in the sector still responds to specific topics, Canyon wants to solve cross-cutting issues. Enough to allow these crucial services for a company to gain operational efficiency and reduce their costs.

Kairn, the intelligent task manager
The studio came up with Kairn’s idea when they saw how time-consuming the use of task managers is. The start-up tool, co-founded by Patricia Bernasconi and Augustin Vignet, intends to overcome this defect thanks to artificial intelligence. Tasks are quickly created due to integrations with a variety of platforms, such as Gmail, Slack or WhatsApp. Enough to allow a team to better manage its projects.

Crew, the all-in-one recruitment platform
Noting the disconnect between recruiting processes, which have evolved over the past decade, and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which have remained the same, eFounders came up with Crew to simplify the task of recruiters. Co-founded by Amine Skalli and Mohamed Laboury, the startup publishes an all-in-one platform allowing to combine both the various active recruitment methods (sourcing, emails, etc.) and indirect – partnerships, first of all. Enough to give recruiting officers time to find the right profile.

Collective, the tool for self-employed groups
More and more professionals are working freelance and tend to form collectives. But they don’t always have their own collaboration tools. This is why the startup studio imagined Collective, whose solution will allow freelancers to meet and offer their services legally. Beyond its practicality, the young shoot founded by Jean de Rauglaudre intends to offer more stability and contribute to the development of this category apart from workers.

Tailor-made startups
As a reminder, 25 software publishing startups have been launched by eFounders since 2011 . “All of them respond to issues common to all businesses, such as invoicing or legal aspects,” points out Thibaud Elziere. Among the successes are companies now established in the landscape, such as Front, Aircall or Spendesk. “As soon as a company is autonomous, we transfer 50% of the capital to the team that composes it. Our participation is reduced over time , ” explains the co-founder of eFounders, stressing that the financing of its structure is based on this temporary presence in the capital of the startups of which it is at the origin.

Supported for 18 months, a start-up benefits from the support and expertise of the 12 employees of the startup studio – including designers, content writers or recruiting officers, who distribute applications between the hosted companies. Once it has reached the critical threshold of fifteen employees and the use of its solution by a hundred companies, it leaves the nest after having completed a sufficient fundraising. “It remains tailor-made and the creations of startups are artisanal,” said Thibaud Elziere, one of whose great pride is to see the flourishing of societies “culturally different” from each other.

The startup studio is already thinking about its next batch, eF21, which will a priori remain in the same vein. Concepts are starting to emerge, with in particular the desire to “reinvent both the Excel table and the management of computer files” and “to bring together on a single tool features inspired by Slack, Discord and their competitors” . Meetings with interested entrepreneurs will be held soon with the aim of bringing the various projects into their operational phase by early 2021.

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