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Agile Methodologies: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Company

The digital transformation in business models comes hand in hand with changes in the ways of working. Agile Methodologies come to complement the digital revolution within companies, and you cannot be left out. To complete this digitization process, you must be at the height of the new ways of producing, managing and even distributing. In this article, you will discover the advantages of Agile Methodologies and why you should start including them in your business. What are Agile Methodologies? Let’s start at the beginning. When we talk about Agile Methodologies , we refer to a particular way of working that is based on the adaptation of the forms of work to the conditions of the projects to be fulfilled. In other words, this type of methodology achieves the necessary flexibility to accommodate each specific project, allowing quick, autonomous and appropriate responses to particular circumstances. In Agile Methodologies, the process is divided into cycles and all members involved participate in the development of each of them. It is proven that this type of methodologies reduces costs and significantly increases the productivity of the companies that use them, but let’s delve a little more into the benefits of using them. Benefits of Working with Agile Methodologies As we said, the main advantage of using Agile Methodologies for your business is the increase in productivity and the reduction of costs. By promoting efficient and fast work, these methodologies save time, meet deadlines and respect the budget. The work through deadlines or partial deliveries allows that, delivery to delivery, the product improves and evolves in less time, since adjustments are made during the production process. Thus, the final product will be exactly what the customer wants. This increases the level of customer satisfaction as well. These methodologies involve and commit the client throughout the process, with the aim of adding their experience and knowledge. “The digital transformation in business models comes hand in hand with changes in the ways of working.” Through the systematic reporting of achievements and progress, a final product is achieved according to the wishes of the client, who can participate in its creation at any time. But it is not only the customers who are involved in each step, but also each member of the team is part of the process. The members of the development team are aware of each stage of the project, which increases the motivation and commitment of the collaborators. Another key aspect is the benefit that Agile Methodologies bring to the development of your products. By putting customers and developers in constant interaction, a product of the highest quality is achieved, perfectly suited to the specific needs of each consumer. This is possible thanks to the constant feedback that also allows errors to be detected in early stages, allowing them to be solved quickly. This entire process has a positive impact on costs and investments, since when the client accesses those functions that add value, the return on investment accelerates . Cycle of Agile Methodologies Now that we clarify what it is and what its advantages are, let’s get to work! Here we bring you the 6 steps of the Agile Methodologies Cycle. Analyze each of them to determine if you can apply them in your business. State 1: Prioritize and define the scope of your projects The first stage of an Agile Methodology Cycle is research. The team must analyze and define which are the most important projects and the scope they will have. Some work on more than one project at a time, or perhaps focus on just one. Define it based on the characteristics of your team and your business. At this stage, the business opportunity presented by each project is defined, as well as the time it will take to do it.  With all this information, it is analyzed and defines which projects are worth taking and the order of priority that will be given to them. State 2: Establishes the Requirements for the Initial Sprint The project is identified and chosen. Now, you must work hand in hand with the clients to determine what are the requirements that you must meet.  These methodologies divide product development into different stages or Sprints. At this point, you should gather enough information to start working on the first stage of the project. For this, you can use flowcharts or the format that is most comfortable for you when demonstrating the ways in which your product will work. Once these bases are established, manage your resources. Select the team that will work on the project and set the tasks and deadlines . To do this, you can use a simple timeline, something a bit more complex like a Gantt Chart, or apps like Lucidchart . The important thing is that it is clear who performs each task and the time they have to do it. State 3: Construction and Iteration At this point construction of the project has already begun. After the requirements and deadlines are clear, the team begins to work.  As you know, the product will go through multiple reviews, so the team must be ready to perform the necessary reviews. The first iteration will likely include minimal functionality issues, but ideally the team will have a working product by the end of the first Sprint. From there, there will be enough cycles to keep improving. State 4: Produce the revised product Once you have reviewed the product with the client, as many times as necessary to ensure that they are satisfied, you are almost ready to start producing. Before doing so, try, first of all, to test the system or the product. The quality control team takes the lead in testing functionality and detecting errors. Then if there are, correct them . Fill in the information for the user and the data necessary to use your product, and finally, start production . State 5: Production and Launch Support At this stage, you need to provide the necessary support so that users understand your products and know how to use them.  This phase culminates when the support is no longer necessary or when it is decided to withdraw a product, which is the next stage. elease is planned for retirement. State 6: Withdrawal When the product has completed its cycle or you have an update that makes it useless or obsolete, you withdraw it from circulation. This is also an important stage, since by working in this way you must be aware of the latest innovations in the area in which your business is developed. You cannot have outdated or redundant material in your catalog: better remove it and produce a new one: the process begins once more. Principles of Agile Methodologies In addition to the stages that we saw previously, Agile Methodologies are governed by a series of principles that will help you streamline and enhance the work of your team. Let’s discover them. The 12 principles of Agile Methodologies
  1. Satisfying the customer is the priority . It is achieved through consistent and early deliveries of quality material.
  2. Changes are always welcome , even in the later stages of development. Agile Methodologies take advantage of changes for the benefit of customers.
  3. Deliveries are frequent and lead times can vary , from weeks to months, although shorter time frames are preferred.
  4. Developers and account managers must work together at every stage of the project.
  5. Build each project around motivated people. Environment and support are key – trust them to do their job.
  6. The most effective method of collecting and sharing information is face-to-face conversation.
  7. Working with software is the main measure of progress.
  8. Development must be sustainable: all team members must work in peace and together, from sponsors to developers and users.
  9. The technical excellence and good design applied consistently improve agile processes.
  10. The simplicity is essential.
  11. The best material comes from the teams organizing themselves. 
  12. Reflect as a team constantly on ways in which effectiveness can be improved. Then adjust accordingly.
“With Agile Methodologies, the necessary flexibility is achieved to accommodate each specific project.” 4 Values ​​of Agile Methodologies Agile Methodologies are based on four essential values ​​that you must take into account when incorporating them into your business. Value 1: Individuals and interactionseople behind the processes are the most important value , rather than the products being built. The key to the success of your business is to surround yourself with the right team, since it does not matter what tools you have: in the wrong hands, they are useless. To this we add, as a key factor, communication . The members of a team must be in constant contact: through collaboration, all problems that may arise are solved. Value 2: Software The material you provide to your clients is key. It must be of quality and be constantly updated. Value 3: Collaboration with customers Through constant feedback and exchange with customers, the resulting products are of high quality and adapted to the specific needs of each user.  This way you make sure that the result is adequate and works. Value 4: Respond to changes. A team working with Agile Methodologies must always be willing to iterate and change course if necessary. The roadmap with which you work must always be dynamic and open, with the possibility of changing with each stage of the process. Most used methodologies After reviewing the basic principles common to all the techniques that are grouped under the Agile Methodologies, we are going to stop at the most used. Scrum It is the methodology of chaos . It has an incremental development structure  Innovation, competitiveness, flexibility and productivity are the values ​​that guide this methodology. In it, each cycle is divided into projects that are structured in 3 stages: analysis, development and testing. In the development stage are the sprints, regular and partial deliveries of the final product. The division into small parts allows tackling large projects that require both flexibility and speed. With this strategy, the aim is to manage and normalize errors through meetings and exchanges between the team and clients. This tells us that meetings are the key element of this methodology. Thus we can distinguish between those that are daily, planning, review and retrospective. The last one is the most important, since it is the one in which improvements are proposed to advance the project. Kanban This methodology is also known as “Visual Card”. It is about creating a table in which there are three columns that reflect the progress of your work: pending, in process or finished. The table is available for the whole team, to avoid repetitions or forgetfulness. With this strategy you can improve the way you plan your tasks, as well as the performance of the team. The way the data is arranged allows for visual metrics that highlight ongoing delivery times. Extreme Programming XP The objective of this methodology is to strengthen the relationships between the team and the clients, through communication and to eliminate downtime. It is especially useful for companies that are growing. It begins with planning with the client, then the team is in charge of the design and production of the project and finally constant tests are carried out to verify that what is produced works. Agile Inception This methodology is inclined to define general objectives and clarify details such as the type of client, value proposition and forms of sale. It is structured around the “elevator pitch” method, which indicates that the interventions cannot last more than 5 minutes. Design Sprint This is the methodology designed by Google. This process lasts 5 days, in which the company must resolve everything related to design, prototypes and customer testing. The idea of ​​this tool is to divide the work into stages or sprints that reduce the launch time of a product. Thus, to define whether an idea is viable or not, they should not wait for development to finish, but rather each prototype provides information to avoid errors.  Spotify: Example of Agile Methodologies implementation Spotify is a great example to analyze how the use of Agile Methodologies helped promote the development of a company that competes with major brands in the market and managed to position itself among them. In the beginning, the development of Spotify was a bit chaotic and with little progress. The company had hired many developers, but they did not have a clear working methodology. When the idea for a new feature for the app came up, too many people gathered to discuss its implementation, making decision-making slow and nearly impossible. On the other hand, there was no sense of belonging. As there were so many, if there was a task to do, everyone expected someone else to do it, and again the processes took longer than recommended. Nobody took the initiative and the feeling of belonging of the team members was not very strong.  To change this, they decided to directly attack the three problems that were detected. Speed ​​(tasks took longer than necessary), Happiness (the team was not comfortable or felt part of it) and Scale (in order to grow, they needed order). This led them to a new work model structured in small teams with specific missions. Each of the teams is made up of varied profiles, such as developers for different platforms, and their objective is to carry out a certain characteristic, such as, for example, the search team. They are autonomous teams: members make decisions about internal processes. This allowed the initiative to grow by being able to experiment and iterate on the fly without relying on external approval. The variety of profiles means that it is not necessary to search for anything outside the team, since they have everything you need. This also contributes to a radical mentality change: to assume collective responsibility. This implies that the entire team is responsible for the assigned mission , which means that if a member finished their task, they immediately go to work to help someone who does not find the right solution. In the teams there is no leader, but there is a horizontal Manager or a Chapter Lead. This is responsible for observing the personal performance of each team member and evaluating not only their performance but above all their well-being. Thus, it ensures that each member reaches their maximum potential and can develop in their field of expertise. This new methodology focused mainly on human development, so the structure continues upwards with roles dedicated especially to observing behaviors and interactions, to maintain fluid communication between all the members of the company. If you want to know a bit more about the way Spotify used agile methodologies, here is a video: “Agile Methodologies have been shown to reduce costs and significantly increase productivity for the companies that use them.” conclusion Agile Methodologies bring with them tools that can be extremely useful to enhance the development of your company. Not only do they save you time and money, but they facilitate interaction with users and help you create a better relationship with them. The principles and values ​​that guide these methodologies will also help you stay focused on what really matters: customers, their needs, and the relationships you can create with them.  Choose the methodology that best suits you according to the individual characteristics of your business, and start working. What are you waiting for? If you liked this article, you may also be interested in:
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How to Create Account in EXMO step by step

In this article you will learn how to register in EXMO in 2022, as you well know it is a cryptocurrency platform to trade, as well as buy and sell digital currencies. Next, we are going to make you a quick and easy guide to create your account.

How to open an account in step by step

Access the official website of EXMO to be able to register for free.

Select “Registration”

At the top right you will have a Registration button, click on it and there you will open a form to place basic data such as username, email, telephone, password and its confirmation, as well as the acceptance of terms and conditions of the platform.

Likewise, if you want you can subscribe to receive news you just have to activate the option. then activate the captcha and click on “Registration”

Phone and email verification

They will send you an SMS to the registered phone to place the verification code and give it confirmation. The same will happen with the email, in which they will send you an email with a link to confirm the account and activate it.

Account Verification

Once you have completed all the registration, you must verify your account, this is quite important that you do it so that you do not have limitations, it is a financial platform and as such, by regulation you must verify your identity and address.

  • For identity, you can do it through your ID, passport or other identity document, also a selfie with the document, you can support yourself by linking the mobile if you do not have a webcam.
  • In the case of the address, it would be verified with a bill for services such as electricity, water or other document where they can verify your location or residence, this is to raise the limits further.
  • For the card, you need to enter your card details and even take a photo and attach it.

Ideally, you should verify everything, but the first thing is the identity, in which you will be required name, surname, middle name in the case you have. Secondly, you will be asked to identify what type of document you are going to use to identify yourself, for example, the DNI.

After that, you must upload a photo of the front and back of the identity document, if you do not have them at hand, you can do it with your mobile and send it to you by mail or web whapsapp or another application, and then upload it from the computer.

Once this is done, it will request a selfie with specific details, where you must write down on a paper the word EXMO, followed by the date of the day of the photo and hold the DNI without covering anything, there you capture the photo and attach it, with these steps you will already be in the process of verifying the identity.

Likewise, you can do it to verify the address with a receipt and in the case of the card you must do the same, they are similar processes quite simple, the idea is that you complete the entire registration process.


Another important point regarding registration is the security configuration in which you can add extra protection and have two-step authentication. Likewise, you can observe other options such as personal information, which you can review carefully.

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How to create an account on Poloniex step by step

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Go to the official website of Poloniex

Access the Poloniex registration page to later follow the step by step that we will give you to register for free.

Select “Sing Up”

Once you are on the platform you must select in the left menu “Sing Up”, where you must enter the email and password, the latter you must confirm it. Additionally, you must place the referral code (optional), as well as accept the terms and policies that govern this page.

Verify your email

Once the previous form has been completed, you must check the email where a link will be sent for the purposes of verifying the email, in order to continue with the account registration process.

Account access

With the email and password data entered, we select “Log In” and access. Among the important things that there are is the “profile”, where you will have to verify your account.

If you want to apply margin for trading or leverage you must verify your profile in “Upgrade” you will be able to select other aspects that will help you verify your identity, you will probably be asked to upload a file, such as a photo of the DNI or an invoice to verify the address.

Then, in the event that you want to use the future option that allows margin up to one hundred leverage, you have to have verified these things.

This request is totally normal, since it is required by all financial platforms by legal issue, with this you would already have verified level 2 and with it you would not have any type of limit.

Right now, you could make all kinds of deposits, normal purchases with certain fairly high limits.

Two-factor authentication verification

To protect your account you can activate 2FA this is double authentication code, so you must enter a code apart from the password to be able to log in.

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How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies on Skrill

If you are one of those investors who do not like to deal with many complicated orders, but prefer to hold long-term, then Skrill is an excellent alternative for you. With the simplicity that characterizes it.

But the question is, how to invest in cryptocurrencies within Skrill? The answer will be shown in this article.

But first log in to your Skrill account, then you could already start the step by step that will be shown below.

Access Skrill’s Cryptocurrency Investment Options

Like any financial platform, Skrill puts at your disposal tools so that you can invest in cryptocurrencies within yourself, doing so in a simple and comfortable way. To access these tools, below, we will describe the following procedure:

  1. Within the home screen of your account, in the left sidebar, find and tap on Cryptocurrencies.

Important: It is likely that when you enter this section, you will be asked to accept some terms or similar.

  1. Once there, you are presented with different options in terms of cryptocurrencies. From among these, you will select Invest now, clicking on this option.

  1. Once you access that section, you will be shown an extensive list of existing cryptos in Skrill. In each of which, you are given a Trade option. If you click on any of these, you would enter their trading options.

  1. When you have entered the crypto you chose, you will see a Buy – Sell panel.

Ways to trade cryptocurrencies in

In this buy-sell panel or trading box, you will have some options that will allow you to perform these operations:

Steps to buy cryptocurrencies within Skrill

First of all, talking about the purchase of cryptocurrencies in the Instant mode (which is the usual one), you will be able to do the following:

  • Select the currency in which you want to buy cryptos.

  • Set the amount to spend that, for its purposes, must be a minimum of 10 EUR (You are also shown the balance you have available).

  • Select the cryptocurrency in which you are going to invest.

  • See what you are going to receive in cryptos in equivalence for what you have invested.

  • See the commission you will be charged for that transaction.

When you have everything ready, then you can click Next.

After this, you will be able to see the summary of the entire operation; you will be told everything you have added, such as the amount and what you would receive, and also the commission charge, which will be added to the total amount to be spent. If you agree with everything, you can click on Confirm.

Steps to Sell Cryptocurrencies within Skrill

There is not much to comment on in the case of selling your cryptos within Skrill, as they are basically the same steps as in the case of the purchase:

  • You establish the type of crypto that you are going to sell (and that logically, you should own).

  • You indicate the amount of cryptocurrencies to sell directly or, if you prefer, using the percentage indicators.

  • Select the currency in which you want to receive the funds in equivalence.

  • See how much you will receive, in the same way as the previous case.

Having this ready too, you would click Next.

Following this, you must also click on Confirm in a summary similar to that of the case of the purchase, where you will see important data with which, if you agree, you can proceed to the respective confirmation.

Some other options that Skrill gives you to trade

The options you have in Skrill to trade are very practical and easy to use. And for your convenience, they are not numerous. Here’s what you can find on Skrill for when you want to trade on it:

The Portfolio section

In this section you have at hand some useful things for your negotiations, such as:

  • The Watchlist, with which you can keep abreast of the indices of your cryptos in the market.

  • Alerts and orders. With these options you are given the possibility to mark an index within the cryptocurrency, which, if the price reaches it, this will be notified to your email or mobile, as you have it configured.

  • Recent activity. It is the section where you will get your last financial movements, when it comes to purchases and sales, as is logical.

The Trade section

Within this section, you can do what you are told below:

  • Visualization of Graphs. This will allow you to take a look at the stock market movement in a not at all complex interface (you can also see the current trend that the market has in terms of sellers and buyers).

As you can see, the trading system within Skrill is not complicated. They are few and simple options, but with the same utility for people like you who do not want to get too entangled in the stock market issue, but to play it safe, but in a simple way.

This tutorial summarizes it this way so that you have a general idea when investing in cryptocurrencies within Skrill.

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